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history is all you left me

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera is a story about love and loss. The love that wildly bloomed between two best friends and both the physical and intangible loss of love. After coming out to one another and professing their love for each other, Griffin and Theo embark on the journey of navigating a romantic relationship; all the while reassuring the third friend in the friend group that nothing would get in the way of their friendship. That is until Griffin and Theo break up. Theo goes to California for university and before Griffin can lose control, he ends things with Theo. This is not a spoiler, but Theo dies.  The book changes between past and present. Griffin is putting together the pieces of his past with Theo whilst in the present, he is struggling to unders tand how Theo could have moved on so quickly in California and how Theo could have died without keeping his promise to Griffin. The promise to never die, at least not before they got back together.  Griffin is desp